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  1. December Club night special event

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    WKRC are pleased to announce that

    Bowman Cycles http://bowman-cycles.com

    Will be attending our December club night with a show “n” tell on their range of bikes.


    Bowman is local to us and a bespoke bike builder, and have recently been getting very good press.


    Please come along and support what could be the first of this type of event, also invite anybody you know who rides to this event and enjoy tea and cake with us for christmas in our last 2015 club night.

  2. WKRC Christmas Ball 2015 (Updated with Important info and timetable)

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    WKRC Members:

    At the request of the President & the Committee this is a formal event & we
    would encourage the wearing of a Dinner jacket or Suit which will  give the
    ladies the chance to wear a posh frock.

    No jeans/trainers or Xmas jumpers please.


    Guests may arrive anytime after 19.00 the Ball is being held in the KELVEDON
    Suite which is to the left of the main building with car parking very close
    to the entrance.

    Postcode is DA2 7HJ.

    A lift is available for those who cannot use the stairs, toilets are on the
    same level.

    Dinner is served at 19:30  so please be seated by that time at your tables,
    a table plan & your menu choice will be on view no changes without my
    agreement please.

    Guests will be responsible for purchasing any drinks at the bar and for your
    own tables, I attach a wine list for your perusal. Coffee/Tea  is not
    included in the price, please make your server aware ASAP if you will want
    tea/coffee after the meal.

    After the meal a short but illuminating speech will be made by the President
    followed by the draw  for the three(3) quality raffle prizes, after which
    the Disco will commence.!

    At midnight last orders will be called at the bar, the Disco will cease and
    guests will depart at approx 12.30am

    Any immediate issues on the night speak to me and you can provide feedback
    later  via e mail (good or bad) but do not expect a refund.

    Above all- Enjoy!



  3. WKRC Open 10 TT – Saturday 11 April 2015 Results

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    Course Q10/22


    Event Secretary: Colin Ashcroft

    Timekeepers: Tony Peachey – De Laune CC and Roy Canning – CC Bexley



    Awards: Scratch:

    1st J Parker Velorefined Aerosmiths 20:44

    2nd N Malins 4T+ Velo 21:41

    3rd B Hawkes Thanet RC 22:21



    Veterans on Standard:

    1st D Phillips Old Portleans +2:56

    2nd P Vine Wigmore CC +2:50

    3rd K Gleadow Gravesend CC +2:50




    1st O Dickson Thanet RC 25:24

    My thanks go to Tony Peachey and Roy Canning (Timekeepers) and my West Kent Road Club team mates for their support and help in promoting this event.

  4. Could this be the last saddle you ever buy?

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    I for one have been looking for a new saddle due to getting some unwanted pain from my old faithful Fizik Arione which served me well all the way to Paris.


    Well at the London Bike show in February it turned out that our President, Alex was also on the look out for a new perch. So after a good walk round we both set out to find something that would suit.


    We looked and tried just about everything from every manufacturer before we finally came across a small stand for ISM. Having at first thought they were just for time trial use, and following a 20 minute chat with the guys on the stand, it became apparent our search could be over.


    For me i was wanting to get the new to market PN1.1 which has more padding where as Alex went for the attack (a titanium railed plank!).

    ism_adamo_attack_saddle_black ism_pn1-1_black_saddle

    I will let him tell you about his experiences in setting it up but needless to say his arrived a week sooner than mine as mine has only just come to market. I had already received a text about how he had set up his but still was not expecting it to take nearly 30mins to get it right but i thought i had it just about spot on. I had followed ISM’s website and Alex’s recommendations and compromised between the two (you fool, listen to the master!).


    The proof was in the first ride and i have to say it was apparent right from the start it was very different to a normal saddle but it felt good whist feeling strange.


    After eighteen miles I’m more convinced this is the right saddle, i had no problems as i had on the old saddle although i would say i need to make a few more adjustments to get it set exactly. Possibly needs to come back by another 5mm which will take it to nearly 5cm i have had to bring it back and to be angled down by another degree or two.


    My verdict would be 4.5 out of 5, but don’t take my word for it here’s Alex with his views.



    “Happy danglies”, thats what crossed my mind when searching for a new saddle. I’ve been sat atop a Selle Italia Flite Titanium since I can remember, and even have them on almost every bike I own (BMX aside). As I’ve gotten older and health issues have taken their toll, and old man’s syndrome has adapted my body to sitting on a couch rather than riding a bike at speed, comfort became a real consideration.

    I always thought about putting this saddle onto the TT bike, but never got round to it.

    However here we are, and my new weird bum platform was unboxed ready to install. I followed instructional videos and diagrams, and set about ‘avin a go on the rollers to fine tune my position. So I got onto bike, pedaled one revolution, got off bike and made adjustments. So I got onto bike, pedaled one revolution, got off bike and made adjustments. So I got onto bike, pedaled one revolution, got off bike and made adjustments – you get the drift. 20x on/off/adjustments later and I felt comfortable. The seating position utilises different areas, so it feels a little bit strange. One 30min session would give me an indication of if I’d got the right saddle. At the end, I got off and NO and I mean ZERO tingling/numbness. Hallelujah. The right purchase.

    After a ride at the weekend, I got off the bike, made adjustments, got on the bike etc etc. Still, now I’m close to perfect with seating position and as my tweets suggest have #happydanglies

    Sure a saddle is a very personal thing, and these wouldn’t be for everyone, not least because of the way they look, but then when you are a fortysomething in lycra, clearly you don’t give a damn for looks 😉


  5. WKRC family BYO-BBQ

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    The BYO BBQ will be held at the Scouts hall Partridge Road Sidcup Kent DA14 6RS on Saturday 25th July 2015  & will start at 2pm until approx 8pm. Friends & families are invited & a raffle will be held to raise funds for the WKRC.



    Drop in for a few hours and watch live coverage of the 20th stage of the TDF in the company of your fellow roadies. 



    You must bring your own drinks but quality burgers & sausages will be on sale at reasonable prices cooked by a experienced WKRC member.  



    Donations for the raffle will be most welcome & can be brought to the club nights or dropped off at the home of the social secretary home, Ring Trevor for details.



    Details of how to purchase tickets & prices will follow:

  6. Ever fancied Trying Time Trials

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    Nows your time to try it by borrowing the clubs very own TT bike.

    If you want the bike to use then contact the club’s treasurer Steve.

    Be quick and you can use it at the club 10 in April.

  7. Website

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    All we have had a couple of people say the christmas stuff is still coming up when you view the website.

    The only thing i can think of is you need to do some housekeeping and refresh your cache’s as we deleted the plugging used to display all the christmas stuff on the 1st of January.


    Myself and Alex have checked using every browser available including mobile and its not there.


    Any problems please mail me.


    WKRC website Admin

  8. The Future of electronic shifting and electric bikes

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    As you all know now the gear shift systems are moving away from mechanical shifting and over to electronic shifting with all the main players now doing there own version of this but where does it go from here?

    I have found a few videos which show some of the future applications using electronic shifting., its an eye opener to say the least.


    BioShift- the bike that shifts itself


    Prius X Parlee Concept bike


    Next on the list we have electronic bikes which are beginning to come into the bike market, as yet no actually road bikes but i though id share with you some other e-bikes in both production and concept form

    Audi’s e-bike

    Audi bike in action

    Specalized Turbo

    Build your own e-bike

    Stealth Bomber Electric Bike – First Ride by eBikeUtah.com Utah’s source for E-Bikes – 65.4 MPH!

  9. Four riders went to Westerham

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    Well the alarm went off at 7:30am 6th Dec and I struggled to get out of bed as you do on a Saturday morning and especially this time of year, so I didn’t actually get up until 8am. Quick call around to see who was up for a ride as this wasn’t a planned club ride, I am trying hard to build up my performance to keep up with the existing club runs on a Sunday. So Steve Rivett, Joshua Harris, and Jason Russon and I all agreed on a ride to Westerham.

    First off we delayed our leaving time to 9:30am as the roads were looking very icy indeed and I didn’t have my ice skates available for this one! So at 9:30am we took off from Bexleyheath at a nice easy pace, well by the time I got to the end of Long Lane my ears had already started to freeze. I thought then that this was going to be a really cold one! By the time we had got on to the Main Road at Sutton at Home Josh started to complain of freezing hands and numb toes!! Typical Dad I told him to man up and work a bit hard. Well this lasted to about Shoreham when the Harris Support Wagon had to be called for a pickup from Otford. So after a quick coffee waiting for the support wagon to arrive good old mum!! Josh was picked up and now four had become three.

    So the three amigos left Otford and down to Seal on the A25, we had to stop again as Steve R said something had fallen off one of the bikes. A quick inspections and I had now lost my back light which had bounced off my bike and through Steve R’s front wheel spokes Twang!! My rear light had smashed in the middle of the road. I now know what’s going on my Santa list!!! Well we then pressed on I hope it wasn’t going to be one of them rides where you just seem to keep stopping for one thing after another. Back up to pilgrims way and then back down to the A25 into Sundrige, Brasted, then finally Westerham, trying to avoid all the back roads we could because of the black ice. At last we had reached the Tea stop, sitting out the front in the glorious sunshine that was now beaming down on us. Still very nippy out mind you!!


    Well after the refreshment stop and some banter it was time to head home, back along the pilgrims way where we got caked in mud from all the muc on the road. A nice blast through shoreham, Enysford, Sutton at home, Birchwood Road then back to Bexleyheath.

    Great Day out even though it was very cold and very icy to start off with and a nice 50 mile ride in the sun! And to have thought I could have easily turned over in bed at 7:30am and slept in and missed all that fun! So keep getting out there and ride safe it is so worth it even in the freezing cold!

    Steve Harris

  10. Save the date for the London Bike show

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    We as a club are organising a trip to the Excel centre for the London Bike Show.


    The club are planning to do this on Sunday the 15th in place of the normal club run.


    Anybody interested please let us know, we will book tickets as a club to save everybody having to book individually.


    The cost is £14 plus your train fare.


    The Excel is easy to get to via the DLR from Woolwich Arsenal.


    You can use the form below to register your interest


    For more info on the show use the link below.





    [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]



  11. West Kent does Movember

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    As part of our logo is a moustache (okay, maybe if you squint and have a beer or two the wings look like one)  we thought that perhaps the members would like to partake for a good charity.

    If you want to join Steve and Alex (I don’t remember agreeing to this! Alex) on their hirsute adventure then signup here




    and when signed up join the West Kent team.





  12. Race – Winchester Criterium. (Cat: 3) (Pos: DNF) (Albert Townley)

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    The biggest lesson today was if you do not start near the front in a criterium you have lost before the race has begun, unless your head and shoulders above the rest but I am not, the headquarters was really difficult to get to unless you have raced the event before, I was not in the main area where riders warmed up and waited to be let onto the circuit, so by the time I rode around the circuit and got to the start the race begun and I was last, the race was very fast as you can imagine only being 35 minutes plus 3 laps, there was roughly 60 riders and I managed to make my way up to 20-25th position before a rider came down in front of me, by the time I continued pedaling again the gap opened up and I tried to close it, about 20 minutes in to the race I got pulled out because I was too far from the front. Overall I am really frustrated because I feel that if I was at the front to begin with I would have contested the race but then again I might not have been able to handle the pace so we will have to wait until next year, good crowds, fun circuit and fast racing. 🙂

  13. A further instalment of the travels of the West Kent RAIN club

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    Sunday began with a dry start at the meeting place, eight of the usual suspects set out for Tunbridge Wells Claverley Park on the Long ride whilst the others went on the Short ride. Those of who know the venue understand that this is a long ride, the leaders were Mick & Mack then came Phil suffering from a bad back , Multi kit Gary, Earl Grey Andrew,,Sky Lee, Lol & yours truly.

    So the group set off at a steady pace and whilst I have no real idea of our route it took in some wonderful quiet country lanes and some nice climbs. At one stage I thought we were practising for the Wigmore Hill Climb but after 38 miles we got to the park.

    Phil soon started tucking into what appeared to be a boulder but was in fact a huge jacket potato with two tins of tuna on it. Others were tucking in to the usual high protein food ie veggie burger, toasted cheese etc. during the meal the group were consulting their 3G phones&,google etc to see if we would get home before the rainstorm I took the traditional method and looked upwards No I thought! it then began to rain lightly.

    Off we set with Lol in the lead,Phils jack pot had obviously gone to his legs and then the rain really came down in sheets, my clean bike was getting wet & dirty. We stopped off at the Snail to see the new owner & Lol popped in for a couple of pints whilst he looked at the menu. It looks like a decent place. Trouble was the muscles got colder & tighter.

    As I had forgotten my rain jacket  I set off for home & was joined by the others but i had to stop at the Lavender fields before Eynsford but that was because I had a slow puncture, I told them to carry on with out me.

    Then the sun came out & steam was rising from the roads and so I finally arrived home at 1415 soaked to the skin bottom half  but top half dry, the computer said 66.5 miles in total i was shattered but it had been a good day overall.

    Big thanks to all the group.

    Now to get that bike cleaned & slow puncture sorted.

    Trevor .

  14. Wanted

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    Time Trial helmet, have had no luck on eBay.

    Any members who have an old one they no longer use and want to sell contact Steve.C

  15. West Kent goes to the dogs

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    Yes that’s right last Saturday a number of us went dog racing at Crayford dog track.


    It was actually a breakfast meeting and was cracking good fun, we met there at 10am where we had breakfast then set about having a good chat and some cheeky bets. In total there was 14 races and all i can say is one of us made his money back ( ay wee man).


    All in the cost was £10 for the breakfast then our stake money which for me was £10 and £5 in the whip for drinks.


    It was a good 4hrs which seemed to fly by, and would recommend it (perhaps a bigger club social event next time or maybe an evening event)


    Big thanks have to go to Kirstie (Alex’s much better looking half, and not even a club member!) for organising it for us  😉






  16. Useful Advice for Club Runs

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    These apply to all members be it newbies or old timers.



    Club Run Briefing Notes

    Below are a few notes intended to increase your enjoyment of the rides.
    If you are new to cycling speak to any of the riders for advice on fitness, bikes, position, clothing etc. We will be pleased to help.

    Make Sure Your Bike is in Good Working Order.

    When riding in a group slipping gears, chains coming off etc can cause accidents. If you have any known faults with your bike get them fixed before coming out on a club run. Club members will do their best to resolve any mechanical faults experienced during a ride, but we are not professional cycle mechanics, so cannot take responsibility for any repairs conducted on the road.

    What to Bring with You:

    1. •Back pocket food (energy bars/bananas etc)
    2. •Drink
    3. •At least two inner tubes and puncture repair kit
    4. •Tyre levers.
    5. •Money to buy tea/coffee and something to eat at the café stop.
    6. •Make sure you have identification on you (name, address and telephone number)
    7. •Mobile phone

    Dress Appropriately:

    1. •Remember that a number of thin layers are better than one thick layer
    2. •Bring a waterproof/shower proof top
    3. •A helmet is not compulsory but highly recommended
    4. •If it is really cold then gloves, overshoes and hat (helmet liner) are a must

    Your Conduct and Behaviour:

    1. Ahead of all the other suggestions below always remember the Highway Code, rules, regulations and laws of the road apply. You’re responsible for you’re safety so ensure your bike is road-worthy and you’re confident riding on the open roads.
    3. Have fun: Above all, the club runs are fun. Even when it’s snowing. There may be some rules here but the club run isn’t a military drill, it’s about enjoying getting out on the bike
    4. Highway Code: when riding, first and foremost you must at all time comply with the Highway Code and more than that, you must ride with courtesy and respect for other road users. You are responsible, not only for your own safety but for other riders around you. There will be a leader but their role is limited to choosing the route and so far as possible, making sure the group stays together and respects other road users. They are NOT responsible for your safety, you are. You are also responsible for the cohesion of the Group and helping keep it together. Experienced Club members may ask you to adjust your speed, road position or style. Please respect them, as they are only concerned for everybody’s safety.
    5. Don’t race: The Club Run is a social ride, it is NOT a race. You can race to your heart’s content in organised competitive events but please not on group runs. Do not overtake the rider(s) at the head of the group. Anyone accelerating ahead of the group will be assumed to be on another ride of their own devices. They will not be called after or chased after if they take a wrong turn. We normally wait for people who go off the back of the ride. We do NOT wait for people who go off the front.
    6. Group riding etiquette: Aim to ride with less than one meter between you and the rider in front. Ride in pairs, NEVER more than two abreast and directly behind a rider in front and not diagonally. Single-out if a car is behind and when filing out would enable the car to pass, or if the road conditions make it sensible to do so. Be careful when braking suddenly.
    7. Ride together and wait: When at a slow down a little to allow the riders behind to catch up and proceed as a group. Everyone takes time to set-off, clip-in and get settled back in the saddle. Keep the group together. Likewise, re-group at the top of hills and if necessary at the bottom. The lead riders should make sure that all riders are back in the group before resuming the at normal pace. It is okay to keep moving but slowly, until everyone is back together.
    8. Warnings and help: Front riders should warn of hazards ahead and inform the rest of the group verbally and/or with hand signals. Rear riders should ensure that no-one is falling behind. If they are, then they should inform those in front and the Group should slow to allow it to be reformed.
    9. Change the lead: Every few minutes, the lead should change. So if you’ve been sitting on the front for a while, when it’s safe to do so, tell the others and swap the lead. But if you’re tiring and suddenly it’s your turn to be on the front, tell the others as its fine to take it easy.
    10. Say hello: If you’re new, please identify yourself to those leading the club run. Please listen to them, as they will explain how the run works and where it’s going.
    11. Join: We especially welcome new members on the club run and if you like the club run, please become a member. We’re happy for you to try the ride a few times but after three or four rides you join if you want to ride with us.
    12. Wear club kit: Members should wear the club kit if they can. The West Kent Road Club clothing is pro-team quality and stylish.
    13. Mechanicals: If someone punctures or has a mechanical, everyone is expected to stop. So in return for delaying everyone, make sure you start the ride with spares like an inner tube, tyre levers and that your bike is roadworthy.
    14. The Knowledge: The Kent Lanes might seem maze-like but with some map reading and riding you can get to know the local roads. To get more out of regular riding, be sure to learn some of the local roads.
    15. •These rules aren’t set in stone, it’s all about being sensible and aware whilst riding on the road. Our club runs attract lots of riders and so these rules set out what’s required. Remember, you are responsible for your safety and take part in activities at your own risk.

    16. •You participate in the club runs entirely at your own risk. The Club has a duty of care towards you. Club members will offer appropriate instructions and advice on safety/road conditions during the rides.

    17. •The club will do all that is reasonable to ensure the safety of all riders.

    18. •The Highway Code must be observed at all times, by all riders, regardless of advice/instructions given.

    19. •Everyone’s safety depends on all riders acting responsibly.


    1. You must have appropriate third party insurance for your own sake this can be obtained through Membership of British Cycling, LVRC or the CTC and by joining these you’re supporting cycling in this country too.

  17. For Sale

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    Look AP 347 Cycling shoes Size 5 – worn once, complete with Look Delta shoe plates also used once – £20 ono




    Bryton Rider 40T GPS Computer – comes with heart rate and cadence sensors. A SRAM quick view bar mount, plus all original mounts. Boxed with instructions and like all my used stuff – clean excellent condition.      £90      ono



    Contact Alex

  18. Saturday Training ride

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    This was my first run out with the new saturday ride, and it was very hard especially for me.

    We met at the normal place for 9am with the prospect of heavy rain, waiting was Alex, Austin and Lee.We waited until 9:15 when we were sure nobody else was joining we set out on what we will now call Saturday route A, hoping that the rain that came in the night had not messed up some of the lanes.

    For me the pace was high but the others did i have to say ride to my pace to help me out, although being part of the group sat firmly in the middle allowed me to have a higher pace than normal.

    The ride was nice and i was beginning to enjoy myself then we got to the lead in to Cudham Lane which i was then told is 4 miles up hill (oh nice) back thanks to a great effort by Austin to keep me on his back wheel and on ride coaching from Alex telling me to watch my breathing and concentrate on peddling smooth O’s i managed it at what has to be said a very good 9.2mph which has to be one of the best hills I’ve ridden.

    The rest of the ride was good and around shorham we bid farewell to Lee and the rest of us carried on through shoreham onto eynsford then the run in back to home along the hawley road.

    On the whole i found it hard but due to various reasons i had not done as much riding as i liked this year it was what i needed and i can recommend this training ride to everyone, the distance was good so was the pace and it was a good couple of hours.

    Below you will find a copy of the route for loading into a satnav, and here are the ride stats.

    Distance: 32.72 mi
    Time: 2:23:37
    Avg Speed: 13.7 mph

    Saturday Ride Route A

  19. Albert. Race – SERRL Summer Series Event 11 – Biddenden. (Cat: 3 and 4) (Pos: 17th)

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    This was my first race back after a block of training, first race as a third cat and my first race on the Biddenden course, so I didn’t really know what to expect, my main aim for the race was to give 100%, to make sure that after the race had finished I had no doubts or thoughts of what might have happened, I can honestly say that I buried myself a couple of times just to finish where I did so I am very happy, my legs felt good, I feel that with a bit more tapering I will be in great condition, it wasn’t until the last two laps that my legs starting really hurting which is good signs, two laps to go a few went off the front, the main bunch pulled them back with one to go, then one or two went off the front and stayed out, got boxed in the finish so I couldn’t sprint standing but to be honest by that point my legs had gone, overall fantastic racing and cannot wait for the next one.

  20. London to Brighton Cycle for Darent Valley Hospital

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    Hi – I met you at the Dartford Festival and asked if you could help recruit for the London to Brighton Cycle which is happening on 7th September 14.

    We have 8 places to fill and it would be great if you could encourage anyone to take part.

    Details on our website 


    Please reply to either Lol or Steve.c if your interested in taking part, as it would be better if we coordinated the entrance.

  21. Hill Climb Championship

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    This year’s hill climb championship will be incorporated in to the Wigmore / KCA hill climb to be held on Hollingbourne Hill on 5 October 2014.

  22. Hewitt Cup Event

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    The Catford CC 25 Mile Time Trial on 31 August 2014 has been nominated as this year’s Hewitt Cup Event. The trophy goes to the fastest WKRC rider on the day.

  23. Rules for watching Le Tour

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              Dear Wife/Husband/Sweetheart/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner/

              whoever it may concern.


    1.  Between the 5th and 27th of July 2014, you should read the sports section of the newspaper so that you are aware of what is going on regarding the World of Cycling and that way, you will be able to join in the conversations. If you fail to do this, then you will be looked at in a less than favourable way, or you will be totally ignored. DO NOT complain about not receiving any attention.

    2.  During the Tour de France, the television is mine – at all times, without any exceptions. If you even take a glimpse of the remote control, you will lose it         (your eye).

    3.  If you have to pass by in front of the TV during a stage I don’t mind, as long as you do it crawling on the floor and without distracting me.


    4.  During the stages, I will be blind, deaf and mute, unless I require a refill of my drink or something to eat. You are out of your mind if you expect me to listen to you, open the door, answer the telephone, or pick up the baby that just fell on the floor….It won’t happen.



    5.  It would be a good idea for you to keep at least 2 six packs in the fridge at all times, as well as plenty of things to nibble on (excluding your body parts) and please do not make any funny faces to my friends when they come over to watch the stages. In return, you will be allowed to use the TV between 12am and 6am, unless they replay a good part of a stage that I missed during the day.

    6.  Please, please, please!! If you see me upset because one of my favourite riders is losing, DO NOT say “get over it, it’s only a race”, or “don’t worry, he’ll win next time”. If you say these things, you will only make me angrier and I will love you less. Remember, you will never ever know more about cycling than me and your so called “words of encouragement” will only lead to a break up or divorce.

    7.  You are welcome to sit with me to watch one stage and you can talk to me during the dodgy helicopter shots and when the commercials are on and only if the race is pleasing me. In addition, please note I am saying “one” stage; hence do not use the Tour de France as a nice cheesy excuse to “spend time together”.

    8.  The replays of the important bits during the race are very important. I don’t care if I have seen them or I haven’t seen them. I want to see them again, many times.

    9.  Tell your friends NOT to have any babies, or any other child related parties or gatherings that require my attendance because:

    a) I will not go, b) I will not go and c) I will not go.

    10.  But, if a friend of mine invites us to his house on a Sunday to watch a stage, we will be there in a flash.

    11.  The daily Tour de France highlights show on TV every night is just as important as the live   stages themselves. Do not even think about saying “but you have already seen this…why don’t you change the channel to something we can all watch?” Because, the reply will be, “Refer to Rule #2 of this list”.

    12.Finally, please save your expressions such as “Thank God the Tour de France is only on once a year”. I am immune to these words, because before and after this, comes the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, The Giro d’Italia, Tour of Britain and the Vuelta a Espana etc, etc.

    (By the way, if you get stuck on the road and the car has broken down……….. call the Police or AA.)

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  24. Club Road Race Championship 2014

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    Let me start by saying you could not have had a nicer day for our first road race, perhaps if I’m being picky it was a bit too warm well for me anyway.

    We had use of cyclopark from 9am and by the time i arrived at 9:20 Eddie and John had already set up the registration table and were busy signing the the track and shifting cones to block the parts we were not using, so the rest of the guys started arriving and after a short chat and the now compulsory purchasing if tea it was time to sign in and pay your money.


    Lol signing on

    Lol signing on

    It was then off for some practice laps to work out lines and gear’s and a time for myself to grab a few photo’s to check light levels, then my turn for a few laps then back in for another chat before heading out for one quick lap then form up for the start and some words from Ed about the time will be taken as an average of the 1st 3 laps then the number of laps worked out for the set period of an hour, and for us all to stick together for them 3 laps.

    Riders ready, pedals ready, go go go (ok so that bit is used for bmx normally)

    We were off, 1 lap gone so far nearly all together except yours truly who was about 20mtrs of the back, which was to be fair always going to be the case, and so we settled into a rhythm and kept plodding away, after a while i was overtaken for the 1st time by Albert who had already opened up an advantage on the others, by the second time he overtook me he had a big lead which would proof to be unbridgeable so it was left to Lol, Matt and Little Gary to fight it out for effectively 2nd,3rd and forth on the road but 1st,2nd and 3rd in their class.

    It seemed like an age for me but soon the time was up and shock i had only been lapped 3 times, but all along i had been working to my own race against myself sticking to a plan of 85rpm cadence set by my coach Alex.


    And The winner is?

    After a quick rest and some more photos being taken for the website it was on to the results.

    As predicted and no real surprise it was Albert who took the overall victory and came first in the senior class.



    The veteran class was won by Matt


    Followed in second by Lol


    With Little Gary in 3rd


    There was one more prize a bottle of champagne kindly donated by Alex that went to the most combative rider which went with no surprise with his breakaway ride to Albert.

    That brought us nicely to the end of our first club road race championships, heres looking forward to competing next year with Albert defending his title, it only leaves me to list the full results.

    1st Albert Townley

    2nd Matt Reuter

    3rd Lol Toombs

    4th Gary Richardson

    5th Mark Morrison

    6th Paul Townley

    7th Steve Rivett

    8th Steve Clack

    DNF Roger Griffin


    A big thanks to all the staff at Cyclopark for putting the event on, Eddie, John and Peter for running the show,timing and registration and all the members not riding who turned up to offer support.

  25. Club Photo session

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    After the race sunday and a short relax, we would like to get some new photos for the website as we still have use of the track. It will only be a short session comprising a group photo with hopefully the new flags and a couple of track shots with a train shot and a group arrow head formation.


    Please remember to wear club kit shorts and tops, no mixing and matching as we need to show of the kit, anybody not wearing full kit will not be eligible for the photo’s.

    This is a one off opportunity so we need to get it right.


    Thanks for your cooperation.

  26. New Race Calendar

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    The new race calendar has gone live, anybody wishing to start using it to post race meeting they are doing will need to contact me and i will give you edit access the the google calendar we use.


    Click HERE to view the calendar.

  27. Bryton Rider 40 for sale

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    Bryton rider 40 with speed,cadence and heart rate monitor for sale.

    £90 ONO

    Contact Steve.C

  28. San Fairy Ann CC Sportive

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    The San Fairy Ann CC Sportive takes place on the 5th May, which is a 118km ride in aid of Kent Air Ambulance.

    One of our own has had to make use of this service in the past and I hope no one else has to.

    Support this worthwhile cause by entering here…

    It’s only £15!!!! I’ll be entering, so pull your fingers out and register NOW.

  29. January Club Night 7th January

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    Come and join us for the first club night of 2014 from 8pm onwards.

  30. Club Night Tuesday 3th December

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    Club nights are held in Wilmington from 7:30 pm at the hall in Albert Road corner of Martin Road.

  31. For Sale

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    Addidas Winter Overshoes – Will fit up to a size 8 shoe, never worn outside. Bought the begining of the year for £24.  Will Accept £10


    Otterbox Defender case For iphone4/4s, Very solid case with belt clip £10


    Contact Steve.C

  32. Hollingbourne Hill Climb – A Riders View

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    30 seconds. Ooops better clip both feet in.


    10 seconds. Concentrate. Everything in place. A few deep breaths (saw Chris Hoy do that. He seems to know what he’s doing.)


    5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Away.


    Little stand to get up the pace and then settle back down into the saddle. It’s not too steep at the start and the places to get out of the saddle have already been noted. Legs were probably warm enough and are now starting to get sore, feeling the strain and pain in my thighs and calves.

    Am I going too hard too early? Probably ease of a little whilst thinking about that but then concentrate and keep pushing through all the while feeling the resistance of the road coming back up through the wheels, frame, crank, pedals and into the legs. The legs. Having to weave around potholes and poor surface. Don’t want to feel those.

    Then the corners come and time to get out the saddle. The pain eases as the transition from sitting to standing takes place, only for a short but appreciated amount of time. Then worse than before, calves ache, thighs burn, heart and lungs working hard. Real hard. Up, up, up. On, on, on. Someone calls out my name, the crowds start to cheer, trying not to look, but it’s nice. Encouragement is everything. My head responds but my legs know it means I’m at the steepest part.

    No time to think, to suffer, just keep on digging. The hill eases of and I sit back down. Shit, can’t keep cadence and so it’s back up to dig away again until it’s the right time to sit back down. Hill eases right of and I spin away and think about changing up. Realise it’s better to concentrate on keeping the legs going as fast as possible and not risk a gear change. Then the line comes, it’s over.

    Now the real pain begins.


  33. Club Christmas Dinner and Trophy Presentation

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    Crown Point Inn has again been booked for this years celebration on the 1st December

    Cost is still £15.95 each

    Those interested should get in early, as space is limited

    Menu/Invites will be out soon

    Kind Regards

    Steve R