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  1. London Youth Games 2014

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    Many thanks to Trevor Benton and Tony Edwards of WKRC, Duncan Leith of 34 Nomads and Bob Ruskowski of The Dulwich Paragon for being part of the team running the cyling at Crystal Palace on the 5th.

    Unfortunately the rain/dampness meant that the TT’s were shortened to hill climbs due to a bend that is very dangerous when damp. There were a few spills but nothing serious. The RR’s had to be cancelled.

    A combination of a road surface that is awfu; when wet (thanks to English Heritage and their demands) plus almost constant shade mean that the bend at the bottom of the descent is lethal.


  2. Is Cycling in London so Dangerous?

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    From news reports one might think that only cyclists were killed on London’s  streets but here are some nymbers, but don’t take into account the size of any of the relavent populations.

    For 2013 the total death toll from accidents was 132. and  made up as follows:

    14 cyclists, 65 pedestrians and the balance of 53 reported as’ others’ which I must assume means drivers of powered vehicles and the passengers thereof.

    Almost all down to human error I guess.

  3. Club RR championships at Cyclopark. 8th June

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    Hi all,


    A line to let you know that I have ordered the medals for the under 40’s Gold, Sliver and Bronze and the same for the Vets plus a Gold for the Ladies so lets ensure that all those who showed interest at club night take part. If your name didn’t appear on the list all that means is that you weren’t at club night when I was nailing people or I forgot to put you down. Just turn up on the day, sign on and pay entry fees and a day licence fee if you aren’t a BC memebr or haven’t a license.


    Peter Hatch aims to muster some of the 1950/60’s racers from the club to come and support thos eracing and teh club in general. So if you don’t plan to race please come along and support those racing and those running the event. There will be jobs to be done on the day so please email me with your offer of help.

    For those who want to be in the race please do your best to get along to the club run of the 25th which is to cyclopark and then several laps riding as a group after 1st listening to the wisdom of Mick H and Alex. Brakes are something to use as a ‘last resort’.

    I will be there too but on foot.



    Eddie Land

  4. Graham Hindes and ‘The Snail’ Stone St

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    Graham tells me he has sold up the Vets practice and now runs the Snail at Stone St. He has invited the club to have a breakfast there sometime soon.

    Please respond to  me if interested.

    Up to about 15 years ago the club had an annual dinner in The Bexley/ Dartford area and then a Christmas dinner at the Snail – before it got that name. Peter Stone knew the Italian guy and his English wife who used to run the pub.



  5. Club Road Race Championships

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    The club will be holding it’s road race championships  – Men and Women -on Sunday June 8th at Cyclopark.

    Open to the club’s 1st claim members only.

    The race will be about an hour in length and will be a handicap. How will this work? Riders will be started off from least fast to fastest with the ideal outcome that all would arrive at the finish at about the same time if there weren’t any breaks.

    The Race will be about an hour long with the number of laps being decided by the average time taken for the first three laps. The lap board will then be brought into play.

    Once the winner has crossed the line, Male or Female, all the other riders complete the lap they are on and finish too.

    The winner gets to hold the club trophy for a year and riders from 1st to 3rd receive a medal, both male and female.

    The cost of hiring two of the loops – those at the Pepper Hill end of the park- is £60 and then the club has to pay out of pockect expenses to the commissaire/s and probably a 1st aider too so there will be a charge to race and for those not holding a BC racing license the purchase of ‘a day lincense’ when ‘signing on’.

    Don’t be shy, give it a go and test yourself against another club member or members.

    If you want to have some practice rides you could just pop down there or Mick and Ed can take you round, maybe Alex too if the bigger family he will be the dad of then allows.

    The loops above are booked from 10:00 till 12:00 with racing starting at 10:30.

    For more info contact Ed. 020.8300.6226 or email: edward.alnd@o2.co.uk